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Lesbian Amateurs All-Girl Party

I’m a sucker for a threesome, and steamy bathtub scenes really get me where it feels good. Put the two together, and you’ve got the makings of one seriously hot all-girl party.

These three lesbian amateurs certainly work themselves into a lather in their pursuit of the big O. Every little nook and cranny gets it’s share of attention when these three hotties climb into the tub together. All you have to do is look at these pics to know that this is one shindig you really don’t want to miss.

Party on dudes! –Honey


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  • I officially declare today as ‘Whack-Off Wednesday’, a day where anyone with a pulse in their pants gets to lie back, watch porn and masturbate to their heart’s content. It’s a grand idea for a holiday, don’t you think? Unfortunately, it might take a while before it makes the calendars, but in the meantime, here’s a little something that should help get you over the hump.

    Is that a stairway to heaven, or what?! Jeeze, it curls my toes watching these hot amateur lesbians getting it on. I just gush and drip at the way one bends over the stairs while the other stuffs her horny, begging pussy with that dildo.  That’s an ass I’d sure like to stuff with something, too, wouldn’t you agree, fellas? And I won’t even talk about those super hard nipples just screaming out for a suck.

    I simply had to watch the entirety of this video, because a taste just wasn’t enough. If you didn’t blow your load to this clip, and you’d like to see the whole ball-busting performance—or even more hot amateur lesbians—go on over here and shoot a geyser.

    Happy Whack-Off Wednesday!  —Honey

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  • Naked Lesbian Women Having Sex

    Okay, I’ve only got time for a quickie today, guys. I’ve got a date tonight with my girlfriend Shannon. I’m hoping it’s gonna turn in to a HOT date, ya know? So I need to get myself looking good here.

    Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of steamin’ naked lesbian women pics I found this morning. Here ya go:

    So you can tell what’s been on my mind all day, eh? Just looking at these horny chicks masturbating and swapping tongue juice creates some serious sexual tension. Those sweet snatches and that sex-stunned look are enough to drive anyone to distraction.

    Right, I’m outta here. Amuse yourself with the naked lesbian women over at Always Amateur while I’m gone. They’re good for an orgasm or two.

    TGIF! –Honey

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