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Happy New Year! I’ve been away partying it up for the end of the holiday season–trying to ease the stress of working retail during boxing week…ugh–but now I’m back with something a little different to share with you all. It’s what they call a blog carnival, and it showcases some highly interesting amateur porn blog posts.

There’s a lot of very sexy stuff here, guys. This blog got a mention, and so did my brother’s pal Simon Spy Guy’s blog, Amateur Voyeur Sex. The fat guy who wrote it seems to have some serious issues with post-pubescent pussy, but I thought the clip was quite titillating myself, so don’t pass it by on his say so.

Anyway, here’s the scoop, hot off the press, so to speak.

Enjoy! –Honey

Hey guys, The Fat Boy here. The Porn Enchantress offered me an indecent proposal to make a guest post for the Blog Carnival this week. I won’t tell you what she offered me, but as a hint, it involved Crisco and jumper cables. But enough about me, lets talk about some hot fucking blogs, ok?

First on the list is Just Amateur Teens. Looks like a bunch of perv cam stuff on the beach. I need to figure out where these nude beaches are, and hang out in the big tit section. If young and natural is your style, you’ll dig this site.

Next up, Sexy Strip. This one is a blog entry about a Score Magazine (which me and my cock love oh so much) article regarding the imminent extinction of the stripper in Canada. I’m guessing they didn’t get much farther than the airport in Mississagua though, since Niagara Falls is so deep in eastern European poon, you would never run out.

Number three is Amateur Nude Women. There is a cute little brunette pictorial over here. I don’t want to give too much away, but lets just say she has one appetizing looking loose meat sandwich. Check it out.

Number Four: Amateur Voyeur Sex. Well, I’m just going to say one word here. Hirsute. If you don’t know what it is, look it up. You might want to use Dictionary DOT COM and not G**GLE Image Search. Trust me bro!

Number Five is an acquired taste. Amateur Nude BBW: I love big tits. This site just takes that to another level. Another “acquired taste”. If you like them big, check it out.

#6: Alright! I like this one. Pigtails, big tits. This is Amateur Voyeur Pics, and I’m telling you, this is worth a click.

Alright guys, that was my post for the week. Now, lets get that Crisco party going girl…

Want more amateur porn?  I know you do!  This has been part of the Amateur Porn Enchantress blog carnival.  If you’re an amateur porn blogger yourself click here to submit your own amateur blog and participate!

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    Merry Christmas guys!  —Honey

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